The Team

Youssef A. “Gurin Jaw” Aly:

Co-Founder/Developer/Game Designer


Happiness to me was going back from school to play Zelda Minish Cap and Pokemon┬áRuby as a kid.┬áNow, my deepest wish is to do everything I’m capable of, that is programming, art and music composition, all gathered by a single term, Game development, I want to make games more than anything else, that is why I don’t need rest when I work, because video games are my passion.



Ashraf Abou-Heikal:

Co-founder/Concept Artist/Graphics Designer


Artist who puts his inner fears in his works, and a graphics designer who doesn’t follow tradition with art.





Abdelrahman M. “Beta” Safwat:

Developer/Game Designer/Social Media Manager/Punnist


I’m Abdelrahman, and people usually call me by my nickname, “Beta.” As I grew up, I fell in love with games and was enchanted by their magic as I traveled many worlds in the shoes of many characters. From jumping around Mushroom Kingdom with Mario, to saving Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda, to travelling with my trusty Charizard in Pokemon. That’s why I decided to become a game developer and hoped to make people feel the same way I did. You might also see my traces in other things, as I maintain our website and I’m also responsible for our social media pages (If you see any puns there, they’re my fault, I’m so sorry).



Abdelrahman M. “3abdozer” Salah:

Concept Artist/Graphics Designer


My passion to be an artist started when I had to look around the little Pokemon card pack trying to figure out who created these creatures when I was 7; and so, designing a character and bringing it to life is the manna that keeps me going.